Why do conservatives disapprove Michelle Obama’s Appearance at the Oscars?

Don Madison, Staff Writer

This year at the Oscars, Michelle Obama announced the winners of Best Picture. There were military personnel in the background. The winner was Argo, which was was produced by Ben Affleck, George Clooney, and Grant Heslov. The million dollar question is: is this a good thing or a bad thing? That depends. Are you Republican or Democratic? Does Michelle Obama’s appearance disturb you? Are you bothered by who received the award? The facts must be checked.

Michelle Obama, via satellite from the Governor’s Ball at the White House, announced the winners, but failed to acknowledge the people behind her. Why were there Military Personnel in the background? Well, for the average republican, one, she didn’t thank the military since they were there. Some people have used the phrase “military background props” to describe what they saw.

One would think though, that since it’s the White House, of course there is going to be military personnel there, and especially around the president, his wife, and kids. Why would you not have military personnel protecting one of the most important figures in America: the president’s wife?

Argo, produced by Affleck, Clooney, and Heslov, is a historic drama thriller about a CIA operation to save six ambassadors from Iran. It ethnically portrays Iranians by its stereotypes. It is due to that that French Lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre announced her intent to help Iranian officials sue the Hollywood establishment that created and honored the film.

Ben Affleck directed Argo. Ben Affleck also supported Al Gore back in 2000, and John Kerry in 2004. He criticized CEOs while on NPR for making so much money on December 21st, 2010. He endorsed the Kony 2012 campaign. Affleck is a supporter of gay marriage. One can say that Affleck has very liberal viewpoints, so it is no wonder that conservatives do not take well to his winning Best Picture at the Oscars, but what more is to this?

Conservatives can only blame Hollywood for honoring such a movie. Conservatives were also upset earlier last year when The Lorax portrayed what they call “liberal propaganda”. Hollywood has been attacked as being liberal and fascist toward conservatives in recent years.

Beyond the fact that the winner of the Best Picture Award at the Oscars was liberal, conservatives take advantage of this moment to criticize the First Lady’s priorities. How are conservatives supposed to take Obama seriously with his wife in entertainment? Craig Zadan, Oscar show producer, and Producer Neil Meron , two weeks prior, boarded a private jet to see the First Lady. However, this wasn’t Meron or Zadan’s idea, but rather it was the idea of Harvey Weinstein’s daughter. Harvey Weinstein established Miramax, an independent film producing company, which made many movies that starred Ben Affleck. To conservatives, this just means that it is possible that Argo, directed by Affleck, winning the Award for Best Picture may be potentially illegitimate.

The First Lady’s appearance on TV isn’t the first appearance of president’s wives on TV.  Laura Bush was highly looked upon for her elegance and fashion sense. Among those that looked upon her were People magazine and the Washington Post.

So ultimately the conservative negativity towards the First Lady at the Oscars is very biased in some sense, but justified in others.