The High Five: The Top 5 Reasons To Take Public Transportation

M.A.Damron, Photo Editor

During my travels around the world, I have utilized public transportation in just about every country I have visited. Some are good, like Japan’s train system, where you pretty much don’t need a car. There is also bad transportation services like Atlanta’s MARTA, where walking may get you to your destination faster. From people staring at you without blinking, police listening to preposterous stories about why you don’t have a ticket or children who are trying to derail the train from the inside, there is always a reason to take public transportation. Here is my top five reasons to take public transportation:

5. To catch up on some much-needed sleep, there is no better sleep in the world than the sleep you catch in-between stops on the train after a long night of binge drinking or studying. The trick of it is being able to wake up at your stop, an art form that has been perfected by U.S. sailors and Japanese businessmen.

4. Avoid being the next victim of road rage. Let’s face it, being stuck in traffic after a concert, sporting event or even rush hour just makes you want to kill. You can avoid that lady in the champagne colored Prius who won’t let you over or the guy in the jacked up “Bro-Sled” with the Chargers flags who won’t look you in the face as your lane runs out by taking the train. Most of the time, you will be home before they ever get out of the parking lot.

3. You can watch what love looks like at the bottom. I promise you if you ride public transpiration enough, you will see a crack-head couple deeply in love. Watching them be over affectionate one minute and the next at each other throats because they can’t decide who is going to carry their 15 plastic bags of random stuff while not having a clue what planet they are on. It’s a train wreck that everyone wants to be a part of. (Sidebar: What do crack-heads carry in those plastic bags?)

2. Music sounds better. When you get on a train or bus, find yourself a seat, strap on your headphones and push play on your phone or iPod, something amazing happens. No matter if you are listening to Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz or Country, the rhythms of the music and the rhythms of your ride, always seem to become one. As you look out the window and witness what it truly means to be in your city one stop at a time, the soundtrack you provided will never sound better.

1. The show always goes on. Being on the train is better than late night cable. If you put that many people from all walks of life in that small of a space, and shake it constantly for about 7 minutes at a time, stop, refresh and repeat, you are going to get a nice little blend of tasty chaos. As long as the trains are running, there is going to be a show. So next time you grow tired of what’s on television or you are just flat out bored, take a train ride. You will not regret it.