KC’s Reading Korner

Some fun and cheerful books to get readers in the holiday spirit

KC Longley, Features Editor

With the holiday season comes breaks from school, freeing up a portion of time that many use to crack open a new book. For readers looking for some new material, these books both new and old are just what one needs to get ready for the holiday season!

“Someday, Someday, Maybe” by Lauren Graham may have caught people’s attention due to the name of the author. Graham is linked to so many fan favorite movies and shows, most prominently known “Gilmore girls” and “Parenthood.” However, fans quickly devoured her debut novel due to its charming plot and quick pace- much like her beloved TV characters. This book centers on Franny Banks, an aspiring star in New York who dreams of Broadway and being just like stars like Meryl Streep. However, after nearly hitting the three month deadline she set for herself to land the gig that would get her noticed, she’s started to feel desperate. But ultimately instead of giving up, she hangs on to any dwindle of hope she has, such as the showcase coming up in her acting class, where she could finally be noticed by the only people she ever wished would sign her paychecks. Graham delivers something fun and flirty mixed with hope and anxiety- which basically sums up any existence as an actor in New York City. This is an entertaining read for anyone relaxing during the holiday break.

“Let It Snow” by Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Lauren Myracle is not just a young adult novel about Christmas. Within the novel, there are three individual stories, sharing separate but interconnected lives, all twined together in a charming and surprising way. Bringing together three authors this skilled at connecting to young adults may have been one of the smartest moves made for the holiday reading season. Johnson shares the story of a girl escaping to the Waffle House after her train becomes snowbound in “Jubilee Express.” Green delivers a tale of waffles and realizations in “A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle.” Myracle writes about another girl who was stuck on the train named Addie who resolves the guilt of cheating on her boyfriend by trying to help those around her, including a pet pig, in “Patron Saint of Pigs.”

“Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares” by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn is yet another brilliant book co-written by some of the most appreciated young adult novelists out there. This novel highlights one of the most under-appreciated ways to connect with someone- through writing. Female lead Lily leaves her notebook in her local bookstore, anticipating what will come from it being found by a stranger. After Dash comes across the notebook filled with challenges, he decides committing to these dares are just what he needs to escape his foul holiday mood. Dash and Lily become intertwined as they begin leaving the notebook for each other in various places across New York, awaiting the day they finally see if their whirlwind romance holds up its expectations in person, and not just paper.

Throughout the holiday break, everyone has the chance to relax and wind down from their busy semester, teachers and students alike. Get in your comfy clothes, grab your favorite holiday drinks and snacks and sit down with a good book to fully immerse yourself in the holiday spirit!