‘A Quiet Place’ leaves audience in silence, full of suspense

A Quiet Place leaves audience in silence, full of suspense

Delaney Schafnitz, Staff Writer

John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place” left audience and critics wanting more with the riveting plot and the many suspenseful scenes, along with the eerie silence throughout the majority of the movie. Scoring an amazing 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, it seems that almost everyone was thrilled by this thrilling movie. Even Stephen King tweeted “A QUIET PLACE is an extraordinary piece of work.” With a little bit of a slow start, the movie starts to gain suspense and grabs the audience with a scene that is almost too sad and terrifying to be true. Following this scene, the film keeps you wondering what is going to happen next.


“A Quiet Place” revolves around a family of four who seems to be some of the only surviving people left on Earth. Fearing for their lives constantly, the family has to remain silent at all times to hide from these “creatures” who seem to be blind, but are extremely sensitive to sound. The creatures attack any sound they hear, terrorizing those who are still alive. The movie is almost completely silent; the family uses sign language to communicate due to the creatures’ incredible hearing, as well as the fact that the daughter is deaf.


With the scenes that make you worried for the family’s safety and well-being, this film creates an emotional connection with the audience from start to finish. Being classified under drama, horror, mystery and suspense, this film reaches many different types of people, creating a large audience that seemed to devour this movie.