Swimwear Company Links to Saving our Coral Reefs

Milena Greeney, Social Media Editor

Summer is coming and if you’re wondering where to shop, PQ Swim has trending bikinis where they also support the ocean.

PQ Swim is a local bathing suit company that are designed for women who want to feel confident at the beach. They have warehouse sales that are also local, which are posted on their Instagram at pqswim.

 Their quality is pure and the type of swimwear they design is called Cabana Chic Swim and their Resort Wear line.

 A great thing about this company is that they try to help our environment. 

The way they process their clothing is environmentally-friendly and 10% of the proceeds from Eco capsule is donated to Coral Vita. Right now there is a crisis happening in our oceans that is causing our reefs to die off and this is a huge issue. Companies like this are great because they are trying to make a difference! 

Coral Vita helps restore/protect the coral reefs. By adopting coral fragments to be grown and out-planted into degraded reefs, you can help in efforts to preserve these endangered ecosystems and PQ swim is doing just that. 

Here are some things to know about our reefs according to Coral Vita: “Coral reefs are one of most important ecosystems on the planet. They are a cornerstone of life in the ocean, supporting 25% of all marine species. These incredible ecosystems are also a source of food for hundreds of millions of people; they power coastal economies around the world through tourism, fishing, and recreation; and reefs shelter coastlines from storms and erosion.” Many don’t realize how essential our coral reefs are in our ecosystem. We need them! But unfortunately we are the ones who are destroying them and “Sadly, coral reef health is collapsing around the world. As reefs die, these ecological wonders and the critical benefits they provide for people disappear. The threats posed from this crisis – from wildlife loss, to homes underwater, to climate refugees –matters to everyone everywhere.” On top of this, according to Coral Vita projected by scientists in 2050 90% are predicted to die due to climate change.

Companies who are supporting Coral Vita are doing a great thing because this is what needs to happen for our environment. It is important to take care of our planet and our surroundings. If we don’t try and help with this issue we are killing off our own planet we live on. However, maybe that can change if more companies and people support movements like this!

 They offer a variety of different styles of swimsuits such as: two piece, one-piece, little to full coverage bottoms, and they offer beach wear. Their swimwear is super versatile and good quality.

 It’s nice to know that if you’re going to buy a bathing suit for the summer you’re helping our environment in a way!