Shinning On A 5 Win Streak


Brandon Quintero

Getting hyped after a sweet warm up preparing for battle.

Brandon Quintero, Staff Writer

Another win for San Diego Mesa Women’s Beach Volleyball Friday morning. With tons of hard work and dedication, the women’s beach volleyball team was able to turn their 4-game-win streak into a 5-game-win streak for an overall record of 6-2. Friday morning, they took on the Grossmont College Griffin’s in the sand with an overall record of 4-4 containing two consecutive losses. Mesa’s women’s beach volleyball team took the lead early on by winning the first set putting them up 1-0.


A few of the players had the opportunity to speak after the matches began with Coach Lester’s permission as long as it was quick. Kei Uchiyama, Hailey Cordon, and Emily Eltrich had a few seconds to spare before cheering on their teammate to victory. Cordon without a pause answered in confidence that “they would keep their average score of at least 21 points a match.” Cordon hopes to transfer and play for Oregon state one day in the near future. This makes one wonder if they have not heard anything from any college recruiters with hopes of moving up in the league. Cordon said, “Not yet, it was still a little too early in the season to hear anything from anyone yet, although one teammate did hear from a few north Cal universities, Sonoma state being one of them, but they should know more closer to the end of the season”.


With a final score of 3-1, Coach Lester had a couple of things to say after the game, saying, “I think we had a great team effort Friday morning; we got some great support from our 4s and 5s. They definitely came out here to battle, and they took care of business. We are improving every day and we’re going to keep after it, you know. Working hard and sticking to the process. We all know it’s a process, so we try to keep improving daily. Getting better, and learning. So, it’s awesome to see the 4s and 5s step up to get their wins, we need it. It’s Great, an awesome team effort”.