Mesa Softball drops game to Southwestern on Sophomore Day



Ambria Guye squaring up the pitch hoping to put San Diego Mesa back on the board.

Johnathan Scott, Sports Editor

The San Diego Mesa Olympians recently ranked top-20 in the state stepped onto the diamond for sophomore day with a record of 13-11-1 to face the Southwestern College Jaguars who held a record of 4-27. It was a game that was close for the first few innings until Southwestern College eventually broke it open, giving San Diego Mesa the loss and ending with a score of 11-5.

The San Diego Mesa Olympians were coming off a two-win streak achieved by defeating East LA 8-0 and 7-4 in a doubleheader the week before. San Diego Mesa ultimately could not continue this win streak and had a tough day in all aspects of the game. Sophomore Pitcher, Arianna Izaguirre stepped into the circle for another pitching opportunity, things were not looking good as Izaguirre surrendered three runs in the first inning, one run coming off an RBI-single, the second run coming from a throwing error, and the third one coming from an infield single allowing the Jaguars to take an early lead. The San Diego Mesa Olympians did not dwell on those runs for too long as they responded with two of their own in the bottom of the 1st, the first run coming from a past ball allowing Carissa Topolinsk to score and the second run coming on a sacrifice-fly from Arianna Salazar allowing for Hannah Anderson to score. The score was 3-2 heading into the 2nd inning showing that this game had the potential to be an intense game, that is until southwestern got the bats going and broke the game wide open.

The Southwestern College Jaguars continued to pile on the runs scoring from that point on, they managed to score 1 in the 3rd, 2 in the 4th, 2 in the 6th, and 3 in the 7th the only inning that the Jaguars did not score came in the 5th inning when they went down in order for the first time that day. Southwestern College’s offense was fueled by center-fielder Natalie Sims who went 5-5 at the plate including an RBI and pitcher Katalina Contreras who went 2-4 at the plate including a 2-run home run and an RBI-double while also only allowing 4 runs through 7 innings pitched.

San Diego Mesa was finally able to get back into the run column when Anderson hit a double to the gap allowing for Topolinsk to score shortening the run margin down from 2 runs to 1 run. San Diego Mesa also got another run back in the 4th inning when Paige Pallamary grounded into a fielder’s-choice allowing for Salazar to score their 4th run of the game. This would be the end of San Diego Mesa’s scoring until the bottom of the 7th when Ambria Guye ripped a two-out double into the gap hoping to keep the game alive, Anderson rounded third base in hopes to beat the throw and give Mesa another run but was ultimately tagged out causing the game to end in dramatic fashion. There were mixed emotions about losing the game on Sophomore Day but there was light at the end of the tunnel as the Sophomores were honored after the game.

Head Coach Jaclyn Guidi was a little evasive on questions about the game but gave her thoughts on how it felt to be recently ranked in the top-20 for the state, saying, “It was cool. We got 15th but dropped to 16th, there is still a lot of softball to go. We got notified the other day that it is usually the top 18 but some ruling has changed, and it is now the top 15 so we are like right there, so we just have to finish strong, and destiny will tell if we get in or not.” Sophomores, Adrianna Dorame and Andrea Wright also had the chance to speak, giving some insight on their final few games at Mesa College, saying “It is coming to an end definitely but there is no other team I would rather be playing for right now, we are having a great time.” Dorame agreed with Wright and said that she felt the same way as well showing true companionship within the team. After the loss both players also said, “it is definitely motivation and a big refocus, we definitely need to come into the next one fully focused and I think that was our downfall today. Games like this just make us hungrier for the next one.” Coach Guidi then gave insight into her and the team’s mindset going into the final game of the season, saying, “The goal is to win every game, and everybody told me we need to win every game and I agreed because that is what we are going into but we need to take it one game at a time”.