Mesa women’s beach volleyball defeats City and Mira Costa


Sophomore Austia Mendiola swiftly tips ball over net and gains her team a point.

Keila Menjivar, Staff writer

Mesa women’s beach volleyball dominated the courts on Friday where they defeated both Mira Costa College and City College 5-0.


The sunny day dawdled to warm and crisp air surrounded the athletes while they energetically warmed up for the first set of games. Mira Costa and City College were set to open the game and their comparable caliber suggested the impending games were sure to be diverting. 


Sure enough, the games went on with a mutual uptick in scores. Three of their five games went into a third, tie breaking round. 


Ultimately, City College beat Mira Costa with a final score of 4-1. 


The fun and games ended once Mesa College stepped onto the sand. As the athletes warmed up, their skill immediately shifted the energy at the courts. Their coherence was palpable and their spikes held a killer velocity that had been scarcely seen in the first round of games. 


Friends, family, and Olympian supporters began to arrive. The athletes were home, and they knew it. They were loud, proud, and ready to win.


The Olympians played the Mira Costa Spartans first, where they unabashedly asserted dominance. They swiftly won all five games by landslides. To illustrate, freshmen duo Nicole Eden and Isabelle Bakken defeated their opponents by 3-21, and 8-21 and fellow freshmen duo Maya Jessee and Emily Eltrich beat their opponents by identical scores. The final score was an effortless 5-0, with the Olympians as victors. 


The City College Knights put up a bit more of a fight, but to no avail. Once again, the Olympians made their superiority known. However, what began as confident athleticism began to noticeably shift into a comfortable leisure – and the Olympians almost paid for it. It happened with freshmen Victoria Goff and sophomore Maddie Harris, when they beat their opponents 9-21 in their first set, but allowed them to scale up to 17-21 in the second. 


It most notably occurred in the final game of the day, with sophomore duo Kaila Keovilaysane and Isabella Restani who defeated their opponents 5-21 in their first set, but found themselves playing a tit for tat in the second. 


“There was definitely a mental take on that second game, because they did nothing different or special, but we took it differently the second set going in than the first,” said Keovilaysane. 


The talented athletes were able to pull it together and finish with a 17-21 victory, earning them their second win of the day, a staggering 5-0 against City College. 


Mesa College women’s beach volleyball team is killing it this season. They are at 17-2 overall, and 8-0 in the conference. They have only lost 2 sets over the past 10 matches and are on a 9 game winning streak. 


The Olympians next game will take place at 9 a.m. at home on Friday, Mar. 14. against Mt. San Jacinto and San Diego Miramar.