“It,” the horror remake that finally floats


Photo credit: MCT Campus IT (New Line Cinema)

Sandy Guerrero, Staff Writer

Spoiler alert; don’t read this if you haven’t seen “It” yet!

The novel “It” by Stephen King was first published in 1986, then followed by the TV mini series in 1990, now the new adaptation of the book has finally made “It” to the big screen which debuted Sept. 8, starting with chapter one.   There was no holding back in this one.  Rated R; “It” was more true to the book filling the holes with more uncensored grit and horror. And unlike the mini-series told in third-person, this movie only tells the one sided story of the ‘Losers Club’ as they were children.

The additional nuances also made “It” unpredictable, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. What was most unexpected was the random spoofs of the campy witty 80s dialogue from the ‘new cast from the block’ that reminisced on that fact that this new version of “It” is really happening. There was a sense that the director Andy Muschietti really stretched his creative freedom and played on previous working elements and executed scenes with endless surprises.

The special effects really give the film an extra punch and excitement to the story. Not only that, this reptilian clown can shapeshift! The horrors were placed perfectly, casting the right fear for each ‘loser,’ and the eerie special effects could catch anyone off guard.  This is also due to the whole vamp up makeover of Pennywise played by Bill Skarsgard who dances Tim Curry up to a new height, literally. If this Pennywise had his own side show, the marquee would read: The Horror Dancing Psychopathic Lethal Clown.

The performance of the new young cast is remarkable and fun to watch. The fellowship of the group can be best described like “Goonies” acts like the “Breakfast Club.” More attitude and personality that sets each of them apart, but very likable. Some take the stage with funny one liners that leave you laughing after the scene has ended. At times, Pennywise himself is surprised by the resilient response from his potential victims. For die hard horror fans, “It” may be a disappointment that may take offense to the sprinkled campy comedy throughout.

For everyone else, “It” is worth every penny to wise up and watch it because the double sighs of relief and all the terror that satisfies the senses.