Melodic pathways to travel during autumn

Nicholas Saleen

When one feels the melancholic beauty of autumn, the soundtrack that plays along with the season can vary for different people. A collection of songs can go hand in hand with the way the weather and the time of year can make you feel. Autumn, primarily known for it’s golden leaves, naked trees and holidays that hold themselves within its months are not just the only things to look forward to. The way this season forces you to think will emotionally impact your body and that in the end is the most rewarding part of it all. A mind full of thoughts and memories are created that will flow in and out all autumn long. Music plays a perfect companion for this time of the season. A secluded loneliness holds itself within these months and the only way to prepare for the emotions that tag along, are with melodic memories. Here are five carefully selected bands that can linger inside your head while you take that walk through September, October and November.

1. Belle & Sebastian- This band has been making autumn anthems for years now. Many of their songs relate to the confusion and unfairness that this season can bring. By the first listen, it’s as if a trigger was pulled in your body that forces you to slip into the dark weather shade. A content somberness is spread amongst most of their lyrics, but the overall vibe works perfectly with your emotive energy. The music holds a rather simplistic sound and the rhythmic patterns of the lyrics are so catchy they can’t help but instantly latch to your brain. Belle & Sebastian’s inspiring sad sound works well for the lost teenager trying to find new loves in life. Belle & Sebastian as you will find, is quite an inspiring group to search with.

2. Devendra Banhart- Vulnerability is the main component to Devendra’s music. As the songs go by you can’t help, but realize that it plays a rather prominent tone in how you will carry yourself. Being so vulnerable may not always be a good thing, but in this case it works quite nicely. His delicate acoustic guitar playing forces you to show all of your nurturing and caring qualities, all while pulling them so far out there, for everyone to pick at and take advantage of. His Spanish speaking folk vibe will teach you to care for not only yourself, but for your past, present and future. The sound of the music flows in and out just like the waves of the ocean. His passion for the way he presents the music to you is way ahead of this lost time. The music has been created for lovers by the lover.

3. She & Him- For all the ones who just want to lie down and cry. For the worshiping bodies, who have loved someone they can’t have. This is the group to feel to. The 50s inspired, soul based sound will undoubtedly bring up past loves in one’s life and flip through the memory books of the good and bad times. Though She & Him fills the void of your sadness, they also bring you up to realize that emotions go full circle, just like the seasons of the year, and one day you will find the sun.

4. Girls- Whenever that cross feeling of calming aggression takes over your body, Girls is there to march right along with you. When the sadness starts to wear and the self-pity begins to dry off, the feeling of anger is always next to come. A sloshy mix of fuzz tone guitar and Elvis Costello like vocals makes your body fill with angst. The disgust consumes you entirely, almost to a point of zero percent self-control. A rage stirs up inside you, but there is no one to take it out on, for it’s all been created in your mind. You are left alone with your thoughts and the tunes. A concoction of bad vibes that can only be treated with a healthy amount of spoon-fed Girls. Go and take some time to sleep and shower and feel the calmness of the air around you. The angst of being will soon fade and the passion to live will erupt once again.

5. Dead Man’s Bones- When all is lost and all that’s left are the dark hearts of the earth. When all peace is vaporized and the meaning of love has been covered by years and years of molded disturbances, is when you must understand there is no one to rely on, but yourself. Dead Man’s Bones ghoulishly styled manner brings a daunting approach on how the world looks. A grim darkness lurches in the music, while brassy piano tones and a children’s choir creep in through your veins. A wonder of what the world really is, presents itself fully. What is the meaning of all of this, when all is so lost and sad. We can only believe that we are all men and women and we have all been created same. Our evenness runs all the way to the core, to the bone. Love yourself first before you love another. Share your self-love before we all become Dead Mans Bones.