Free online job board now available to all San Diego Mesa College students

Zenyase Gonzalez, Staff Writer

San Diego Mesa College created a free online job board called the “Job Network” that is available to all currently enrolled students and alumni. As stated on the College Central Network website, the “job network” ‘is a free online job board and career resource page available to students, alumni, and employers.’ Those interested will have to make a free account using their Mesa College student ID to be able to look for a job and internships. 

The link to the “Job Network” website can be found under the @sdmesatce Twitter account. The link takes you directly to be able to sign in for returning users and for first-timers, there is an option to sign up and make a free account. When making a free account there is an option for users to input their job interests. These options vary but are not limited to community service, paid or unpaid internships, full or part-time jobs, or a temporary job. Students are able to choose all that apply. 

Once an account has been made, users are able to upload their résumés and create a career portfolio. The website gives users videos that provide tips on how to job hunt, some interview advice such as common mistakes, and even a video titled “Tips to keep your Résumé out of the Trash.” The website also supplies users with résumé formats, which are grouped into what is called the ‘3 basic flavors’. These are chronological, functional, and combination. Chronological being the most used format usually works best for people that have a stable work history and it helps show consistent growth. The functional format is best for those who have been unemployed for long periods, change jobs frequently, and those who may not have much of a work history. The combination format combines both formats, but shows a person’s skill/responsibilities and follows that with a work history.

The job board also has a section called the “Job Search Kit” and in this section, users can find resources to help create their résumés, produce professional cover letters, and receive extra tips for interview preparations. The sections under the “job search kit” all have individual subsections that provide further information on the topic. 

The job board also has a college central podcast section. These podcasts vary from career exploration, internships, personal branding, and workplace etiquette. The podcasts are relatively short, lasting about five to eight minutes. The podcasts are available on iTunes under the name “College Central Podcasts.”

Along with finding jobs, the website also helps with the search for internships. Users can input their preference of ‘where’ their ideal internship is located alongside ‘what’ kind of internship is wanted.

Once a job or internship is found, it will be under ‘Job Agent: Opportunities That Match My Profile.’ It will provide a job title and a date of when to respond to the job title.

For those interested in signing up for Mesa’s job network, more information can be found here