Women’s softball going full steam ahead


Photo Credit: Jaclyn Guidi

Last year’s softball team dominated throughout the season.

Jared Knobloch, Sports Editor

Although spring sports were officially canceled for San Diego Mesa College, teams like women’s softball have continued to hold practices even if it is individually, or together on campus for a short period of time.

   Head Coach Jaclyn Guidi is really proud of what her team has already accomplished, and is excited for what lies ahead. “We are not done! We ended 2019 with a playoff team and went to Regionals with a record of 28-12. We had seven returners from that team and knew 2020 was going to be a great season. We ended that year (2020) with a 13-3 record,” she said.

   Unfortunately, since the season was canceled, a lot of expectations went out the window. “The season being canceled for the second year was very emotional for our team. They’ve been working so hard in their academics while trying to stay in shape for the season. Our program has always pushed through obstacles and this one will make us stronger as a team. We will lose a lot of talented players because they will be graduating Spring 2021, but the returners are ready to be back together,” added Guidi.

   Junior first base Cierra Filippone has been adapting to not being able to practice with the team as much. “I’m able to have more family time and focus more on my studies. Unfortunately, I can’t keep my skills up to my best ability to play the sport that I love.” She added, “Not many fields are open to people to use, but I have been making the effort to go to batting cages, but my best bet has been doing work by myself.”

   Though chemistry is usually affected while separated, Filippone believes the team’s chemistry is going to be there regardless. “Yes, team chemistry has faded away a little bit because we haven’t seen each other, but as soon as we get together it will feel like we never left,” she noted.

   Sophomore first base Adrianna Dorame said, “I am still playing softball right now and thankfully we’re able to get on the field. It’s a very short time and we’re not able to do everything we may want to, but I’m glad I’m even able to be out there with my girls.” As far as the entire team is concerned, each member is able to find their own way of working out and staying in game shape.

   “I think the situation made me appreciate sports so much more, not just softball. No matter what happens, sports will not be stopped,” she added. 

   The athletes completely agree that the coaching staff has been awesome during the pandemic, supporting players wherever they need it. “Coach Jackie has been so helpful in letting us know what is going on. I’d put money on it that softball was the first sport to know exactly what was going to happen with our season this year, because that’s how she (Coach Guidi) is. It’s total transparency from her and we are so grateful,” remarked Dorame.

   The future is bright for this program, and everyone is on board. Dorame stated, “We can come back from anything. Even before the pandemic, whatever setbacks we had we were able to come through and a lot of that has to do with the coaches and their ability to make the players want to play better and do whatever they can.”

  Guidi noted, “Our softball program at Mesa teaches a culture that student-athletes learn to be students first and athletes second. They learn to take pride in wearing the Mesa uniform and everyday we can get better as a team. I’m so proud of all our players who have stayed positive and focused during this time. We have supported each other through life and I’m so excited to be back!”