Local favorites near Mesa College

Line in the morning at K sandwiches. Photo Credit: Kalin May news editor.

Kalin May, News Editor


K Sandwiches is a local cafe/restaurant in the Kearny Mesa area. It is located on the corner of Mesa College Drive and Linda Vista Road. K Sandwiches has been around since 2005. They have always been known for having Vietnamese coffee and banh mi and also offer a variety of Vietnamese cuisine. Growing up in this neighborhood many have frequented this restaurant. In 2015 there was a fire that nearly burnt the entire place down but they were able to recover and rebuild in 2018. They brought out tons of crowds as they have always been a local favorite. Many opt to get a rich and strong Vietnamese iced coffee but will sometimes go for a frozen coffee. To say that these never miss is an understatement. A popular choice is to get an egg and bacon croissant which people like to enjoy with sriracha. Some other favorites are the fresh spring rolls and also the grilled pork banh mi. There are a few other places in this shopping center. Many enjoy rose donuts being one of them as well as rockies frozen yogurt. Both have been there for as long as I can remember. Rose donuts have always been the spot to get donuts and coffee before school. They have coffee as good as K sandwiches but offer a different food selection offering various pastries, deli sandwiches, bagels, and of course donuts.  A go to order there has always been an everything bagel with cream cheese and a thai tea. Many have been going to rockies frozen yogurt for a long time and will always bring friends there while in the area. They are known for their generous portions that tower over the cups. Many have tried nearly every flavor option that they offer but some of my favorites are the red velvet, the cookies and cream, and the cake batter. Another restaurant just in the next parking lot that is a local favorite is Sushi Diner. Again along with all of the other places that I have mentioned it has been there forever and a day. It is a small divey sushi diner offering classic favorites as well as modernized rolls. The inside is lined with Bob Marley posters as well as other rasta themed decor. It is very small; they only have seating for maybe 20 guests at a time. Throughout all of the years they have maintained the same staff and food consistency there is typically a miso soup followed by an avocado tempura roll or a chicken katsu bowl. Be mindful while planning a visit as they close for a few hours in the middle of the day between 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m.