‘The Pyramid’ is built on a shaky foundation

Joyce Melendez, Staff Writer

The Pyramid is a horror film directed by Gregory Levasseur. Like most films today, it opened with text in order to set up the series of events the viewer would be witnessing. The film takes place in Egypt in 2013. Based on the film title, not much needs to be explained on the main setting.

In regards to characters, Dr. Miles Holden (Denis O’Hare) and his daughter Dr. Nora Holden (Ashley Hinshaw) are the central focus. Besides the father-daughter archeologist team, a cameraman and a reporter are also included in the storyline. The fate of the characters are sealed once they take part in exploring the pyramid.

As far as their acting goes, it was not convincing. Moments when the characters were fearful did not feel genuine. Emotions were not portrayed in a manner that would engage the audience. Besides the acting, the dialogue also struggled. There was nothing special in the conversations that would capture the audience’s attention. In order to create any sort of interest there seemed to be moments of “humor” but it was not executed as best as it could have been.

While the film struggled in various ways, it might seem like the director could pick up the slack when it came to capturing scenes and showcasing the setting. That was not the case here. Since the characters were in a pyramid, a majority of the time the lighting was poor. It was too dim and there was some difficulty with understanding what was going on. Another common trait of horror movies nowadays include shaky camera moments that can cause distractions.

Despite being a “horror movie” nothing was really frightening. Of course, there were loud moments that would briefly startle individuals but after those moments, the movie did not have much depth to the story it was telling. While the film did bring up ancient Egyptian religion, the information was not utilized to the best of its ability.

Overall, the film fell short of engaging audience members. It was poorly executed and did not live up to the expectations of being a “horror” movie. The film could have been better had the resources been utilized to create a more organized storyline that was depicted in a manner that was straightforward and interesting.