‘The Perfect Guy’ isn’t so perfect afterall


Dan McFadden

In this scene, Carter is waiting for Leah to get off of work to see her reaction to the gift he left for her. Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

Tatyana Ratcliff, Staff Writer/Photographer

Leah Vaughn, (Sanaa Lathan) is a successful lobbyist who is in a two year relationship with boyfriend Dave, (Morris Chestnut). The two have love for each other, but Dave isn’t fulfilling Leah’s wants of excelling to the next step of marriage and a family.
This leads to a breakup, leaving Leah heartbroken and vulnerable. In the midst of it all, Leah meets who she thought to be The Perfect Guy, but got more than what she bargained for.

Carter Duncan, (Michael Ealy), caught Leah’s eye with his enchanting charisma but lost her as an entirety when she witnessed him beat a man out of jealous rage. She then decides to break up with him and continues her life as she left it before Carter came into the picture.
When Leah refuses to answer his phone calls and reply to his texts, Carter starts to show up everywhere she is at. After getting advice from one of her good friends, Leah agrees to meet up with Carter to give him a chance to speak his peace.
Leah makes it clear that she is done with him but Carter blows up at her, not taking “No” for an answer. He starts to follow her everywhere she goes, breaks into her house, attempts to sabotage her career and harms the people she loves most.

This movie is pretty similar to what you would find on Lifetime. The storyline is predictable and doesn’t live up to the hype that is portrayed in the trailer. The actors on the other hand, were phenomenal. They are what I think to be the perfect cast but the movie itself was not at all what I expected. Although, I would advise women of all ages to watch this movie to learn a thing or two about self-defense and even to gain knowledge of what a psychopath acts like. As far as seeing it for a thrill, I would suggest you pass.