Spring into clubs: Spring Club Rush 2016

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Spring into clubs: Spring Club Rush 2016

Iman Benraoui, Staff Writer

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Several of Mesa’s clubs, both old and new, were set up in the quad during Spring Club Rush on Feb. 11, 2016 to recruit new members and promote their various goals and objectives.

Some of the clubs were older and more established with several returning members and full pages of sign up sheets with new recruits, whereas there were smaller clubs and even one that was attempting to start up on the whim.

Ulysses Ramirez set up a table that was promoting the new start up of a potential Spanish Club. It is currently not an active club but they are trying to kickstart it. If you are interested in joining, please contact Professor Schoenbrun-Fernandez.

Another newer club that has an outreach in the best interest of promoting diversity and inclusion on campus is the Diversity Club. Co-Presidents Jazmine Lahbabi and Rami Sinnawi shared a few words on what the club hopes to do on campus. Lahbabi shared that their mission is to “create a stronger sense of community on campus and unify everyone by breaking through labels and raising awareness to any social issues on campus.” They do this by having guest speakers, sharing documentaries, and are even working on making their own documentary. If this sounds interesting and you would like to join, they meet on Friday’s at 12 p.m. on the 4th floor of the student services building.

Next, the Muslim Student Association had several pamphlets and brochures concerning topics that are questioned and commonly confused with negative misconceptions and were openly answering any questions that people had. Their purpose is to promote unity and joint action among Muslims and Non-Muslims, as well as conduct social, cultural, religious, and other activities. The MSA meets on Thursdays at 4:30 p.m., but the meeting room is TBA. The president is Hamza Saleem.

Lastly, the Investment Banking and Financial Analysis Club or the Business Club for short, is a newer club that just started in the Fall of 2015. Tyler Novak spoke on behalf of the club and their objective by saying they are, “dedicated to improving students financial literacy, interviewing skills, opening up business networks, and bringing in members from the community who are from the financial field and various business avenues such as investment bankers, accountants, and people who work in private equities”. More information can be found on the school website.

Some more well known clubs that were present were the Anthropology, Robotics, Improv, Chinese, and International Students clubs. More information on meeting times and additional clubs that weren’t present at the Spring Club Rush can be found in the Associated Student Government office at H-600 or on the school website in the Student Affairs section.


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