DACA students and families are here to stay


Emily Alba, Writer

Today, many families are hurting from being separated and called criminals, when all they want is a better future for themselves and their children. Immigration raids have been spread around the United States raising fear for many innocent families. San Diego Mesa College welcomes Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival students, to be able to achieve careers that promote the success and welfare of many San Diego communities. Families come to the United States to reach for opportunities they can not obtain in their place of birth. These opportunities are so valuable to the undocumented that they are willing to do and pay what it takes to stay and make a positive impact to the United States.
Everything that Dreamer has worked for and achieved would be lost if the program is taken away. Not only would our school performance be a waste, but our childhood would be seized. At this point only renewal DACA students are being accepted and to renew the permit is around $495. Hopefully by January 2020 DACA students can have a permanent status inside the country, or have the program to be continued.
There are about fifteen detention centers, jail, juvenile, and shelters who keep immigrants for weeks, at times up to months. They are not criminals. Adults and children are cramped in cells with no access to hygiene supplies nor a place to wash up to keep clean. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has immigrants sleeping on concrete floors and babies not being taken care of. As a preschool teacher, seeing children not being fed or changed is disappointing and heart breaking,especially knowing how strict schools are here in the United States about children’s care and safety. Just because a child is undocumented does not mean a child stopped being a child ,or important to their loved ones.. A paper should not be the reason why all these humans are not being fed nor treated inhuman. Countless children are being detained and getting separated from their parents and are unable to contact them until they are released. There is never a specific amount of time that a detainee will be at a facility before they are released into the United States, or deported to their home country. . Therefore, just picture the separation anxiety and the emotional damage these children go through.
Being separated inside a detention facility is already hard as it is. Now what comes to worst is taking a child’s mother or father and sending them back to another country. Time is so precious ,we come to this earth not knowing when it is our last day.We have to learn to cherish the memories, the laughs, and most importantly the love that surrounds us. Separating families causes lost time, the feeling of being powerless, and sadness. Many of the Dream Act students have been living in the United States their entire life and the only thing that they know is that this place is home. There are parents undocumented that have documented children and then there are documented parents who might have undocumented children. Families should always stay together is the best solution there is and will always be no matter what statues you are in.
Sadly, there are always going to be people who make bad choices and those people are from different ethnicities, not just one and it is not only undocumented people. Residents and citizens can not judge every undocumented person as a bad one. The past shootings that have occured this year have not been by any Hispanic nor an undocumented person. El Paso Shooting in Texas is the perfect example of a cruel American who grew hatred towards hispanics. According to “El Paso Suspect’s Manifesto Echos Trump’s Language” on New York Times, Peter Baker and Michael D.Shear stated, “..a 21-year-old white man is accused of opening fire in a Walmart in El Paso, killing 20 people and injuring dozens more after writing a manifesto railing against immigration”. Patrick Crusius, aimed for only hispanics. He picked at random inoccent people with the intention of getting rid of all people who are undocumented. Patrick took a random pick. Victims killed or injured were probably documented and he hurt them not knowing a single detail about them. He cold bloodedly killed people who weren’t doing any harm to others. If the President wouldn’t have expressed himself with so much judgement and revulsion to all immigrants racism acts wouldn’t have been persuaded. This goes to show the sick mental state that humans have been manipulated to hate all hispanics.Just like not all white people are criminals not all undocumented hispanics are criminals. There are immigrants in the united states that treat this country better than citizens.There are undocumented people who work harder than most citizens to have a better life.
We can only continue to have strength and faith that soon Dreamers and families will stay together in the United States, our homeland. Thankfully, San Diego Mesa College will not collaborate with ICE and will keep on remaining as a safe environment for all students.