Where writing and music will take me


Matthew Martinez

The reason I choose to be a journalist as a career is because of the legendary rapper Rakim, on his album ‘The 18th Latter’ he was asked what was the thing people wanted to remember you by and his answer gave me chills. “I guess its my words man, you know what I mean? So regardless, you know the legacy lives but umm as far as the masses just remember my words straight up.”
I’m fortunate enough to say that I’m blessed to have music in my life, its given me perspective on how life is lived within other people’s communities. Music has given me the freedom to speak my mind on certain topics by also giving me the courage to stand up for my beliefs and not be afraid of what people think of me. Now as a college student I want music to take me further then I ever been, my goal is to sit in front of a micro phone and just talk about my favorite genre of music which is hip hop, I want the opportunity to sit down and pick the artist’s Brain about their type of music, what influenced them to take the path their taking, and to just talk bout music. Im hoping the freedom of music can help me support my family financially, that it gives me opportunities that I would’ve ever thought possible. I love to write as well which is why I want to become a hip hop journalist so I can se my platform to express how music makes me feel just like how I’m writing this for you. I look up to guys like Rob Markman, Elliott Wilson, Ebro Darden who’ve used their talents to spread the music of hip hop around the world. Music and Writing are the things I love to do, god willing my talents and hopefully grasping this could catapult me to bigger and better things in this world.
In the short time I spent writing for the mesa press I developed skills that I will use for the rest of my career, I proved to myself that I can go out there and reach out to artist and help them tell their stories regardless if its a five minute interview or a full spread for the paper. This year I was fortunate enough to be in the same room with peers who had the same like minded goals as me, we all wanted to see each other succeed and see the paper be the best it can be I think this year the journalist who participated this semester has grown in our own way. This was fun cant wait for what the next endeavor is for me.