Two tons of trash disposed in another successful Canyon Day

Thomas Frey, Sports Editor
April 14, 2014

No trash bags managed to stay empty in Tecolote Canyon on Apr. 12 as over 180 volunteers took part in the seventh annual Canyon Day at Mesa College in an effort to preserve the ecology of its surrounding communities. “What we do about once a year at this time is clean this branch of Tecolote Canyon…to... Read more »

Preaching the gospel of hate

Chris Madaffer, Staff Writer
April 10, 2014

Correction from the editor: In the original publication, Fred Phelps Jr. — the first son of Fred Phelps Sr. — was mistakenly attributed as the subject of this piece. We have fixed the error and deeply apologize for the oversight. There is no denying that Fred Phelps was a hateful man. Everything... Read more »

Third place Mesa baseball looking to not strike out

Thomas Frey, Sports Editor
April 10, 2014

Mesa baseball, who sits at 8-8 in conference and 16-12 overall will look to finish the season strong so that they can make the playoffs. “I just want to finish better than I started, maintain focus, and make the playoffs,” says Ryan Lawson who is currently leading the team in batting average and... Read more »

Behind the pink mustache

Karina Alvarez- Calderon, Staff writer
April 7, 2014

Lyft is an “on-demand” transportation service that costs about 30 percent less than a taxi would. In addition to it being cost effective, it is extremely convenient, fun and effortless to use. The way Lyft works is simple: Using the Lyft app, riders sign in through Facebook, enter a valid phone number,... Read more »

Applicant Denied: Transfer Center has alternatives

Students at Mesa College are able to use all the tools and services the Transfer Center has to offer.

Karina Alvarez- Calderon, Staff writer
March 13, 2014

San Diego Mesa College is known for being “the transfer college” due to its constant efforts to provide students with information, one-on-one support, tools, and workshops. Nonetheless, not all students immediately gain admittance into their top choice university. For those students, the Transfer... Read more »

Freshmen hold the key to winning for Men’s Tennis

Thomas Frey, Sports Editor
March 12, 2014

The Mesa men’s tennis match went down to the wire in its win over San Jacinto College.With only one returning player from a team that went to the state Final Four last season, the team has played strong and won some important matches. The returning player, James Tenbroeck, is the team’s number one... Read more »

Putin defies West, moves on Ukraine


Josh Champlin, Staff writer
March 11, 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again embarrassed the United States, this time by sending troops into the Crimean Peninsula despite warnings from President Barack Obama. Putin has ignored the exhortations of the president and the international community, and flaunted it in front of the world. A... Read more »

Adderall abuse rising in college student circles


Haley Daniels, Staff Writer
March 11, 2014

When people think of college students, they often associate them with binge drinking, Top Ramen and gallons of Starbucks Coffee. The stereotypical student studies hard all week long, followed by partying hard all weekend long. When coffee does not do its job, what do students turn to for studying and... Read more »

Mesa celebrates women’s history month

Karina Alvarez- Calderon, Staff writer
February 27, 2014

March is Women’s History Month. San Diego Mesa College is joining institutions and organizations around the U.S. in praising generations of women whose talent and dedication have helped bring the world together in numerous ways. Women’s History Month became a national celebration in 1981 and is continuing... Read more »

The future could be bright for ladies tennis


Thomas Frey, Sports Editor
February 27, 2014

You have to look beyond the record of the ladies tennis team to fully understand what is happening in the program. After six games, the team is winless under head coach Marc Pinckney. He took the position for this season and is working to completely change the work ethic of his team. “This is my first... Read more »

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