New adventures for summer boredom

Desdemona Meck

Summer, a time most students have been impatiently waiting for since Sept. 20, is finally here. However, it’s only a short time until one realizes basking in the sun down at P.B., is not as thrilling as it once was in high school or freshman year. Well everyone is in luck, because in San Diego there is a never ending list of activities to enjoy all summer long.

If you are able to set aside an entire day or even a weekend to sight see in some new places, there are many neighboring wonders to visit.

Forty-two miles outside the city of San Diego is a small community called Julian. An old mining town established in the 1800s, Julian attracts many tourists every year. A popular activity is horseback riding or, for a cheaper cost, bike riding through the nature filled backdrop. These two adventures would give anyone a satisfying summer afternoon.

The famous Catalina Island creates a weekend away from the city streets swarming San Diego. A boat leaves from Long Beach to the beautiful island where kayaking, snorkeling, diving, camping and even parasailing adventures are available to visitors.

Some other nature spots to visit for either a day excursion or an overnight weekend trip include Joshua Tree National Park. If you’re willing to make the three-hour drive there are a multitude of activities to enjoy in the park.

Hiking, biking and rock climbing are all great summer events that are hard to find close to home. If you decide to stay overnight in their camping areas all three of the outdoor events can be accomplished with the extended amount of time

The Joshua Tree is not the only San Diego camp site around. There are many others all over San Diego County.

South Carlsbad beach is a very popular spot for locals and out-of-towners. Located three miles south of Carlsbad the bluff that the camp sites are located has a beautiful view of the easily accessible beach below.

Perhaps by now you’re sick of the beach, there are campsites in the mountains, valleys and desserts of San Diego County. To acquire more information about camping Web sites such as can help you find specific types and locations of camping grounds.

There are also a number of San Diego local attractions to visit during summer break. These can be easily accessed and take less time than the other trips that are farther away.

Treating visitors to a stargazing delight, the Mount Palomar Observatory, open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., is home to the Hale Telescope. The telescope used to be the largest in the world and it is still not far from that title today. Mount Palomar Observatory is about one hour away from the Mesa College campus.

Although looking at a school of fish may seem like something only interesting in “Finding Nemo,” this next late night outing could give you more entertainment than you might expect. People line up and down the beaches on marked late nights every month to watch the grunion fish fill the ocean.

Yes, it’s just fish, but their reflections in the moonlight create an extravagant glow through every wave. If groups of grunion aren’t enough to drag you out to the seaside, try a bonfire before they come out and then enjoy the show with a few friends. This nature event occurs multiple times every month so you don’t have to worry about missing it. Just check out dates and times on Google.

Another reoccurring event throughout the summer is concerts-by-the-sea at La Jolla Cove. Every Sunday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. are chances to see many differing artists from jazz to mariachi. Bring an extra chair and enjoy the music, food and view.

It’s often easy to forget that in sunny San Diego there are many days of cloud cover and fog during the warm summer months. On days like these you can always hit the movies or take a scenic drive through the entire city of San Diego. The sites available to see on the ride are some that many may have been previously overlooked.

Directions for the drive that features places like Soledad Mountain, Cabrillo National Monument, and La Jolla Cave can be found at, along with many other things to do in San Diego.