Hearty cheap meal that will keep you warm this winter

Hearty cheap meal that will keep you warm this winter

This cheap and easy meal will stick to your ribs

Breeana Leyva, Opinion Editor

I have recently become hooked to a show on Netflix called Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. In one of the episodes, Chef Gordon Ramsay has to turn a failing English pub into something great. English pubs are notorious for their home cooked style menu, that fill you up for mere pennies. One of the key dishes to any proper pub meal is has to be Pasties. I have taken the basic idea of a traditional meat pasty and have turned it into my own. It is truly amazing how only a few simply ingredients can turn out something delicious. I hope you try this recipe out some day.


-Ground beef (turkey would be fantastic here too)

-Swiss Cheese


-Fresh Thyme

-Soy Sauce

-Worcestershire Sauce

-Puff Pastry

-An egg for a light egg-wash


  • First things first, pre-heat your oven to 400°
  • Next,Peel your onion and cut it in half (I had a giant onion so i only ended up using one half of the onion) . Once you’ve cut it in half, cut it into quarters and slice.You want to do it length wise, not too big, not too small.  once done set aside.
  • Next you are going to brown off your meat of choice, i just used 80/20 ground beef, but really turkey or chicken in this would be fabulous. add a little salt and pepper and continue until brown.Once your meat is browned off, drain excess oil and set aside.
  • In the same pan (or different.. it does not really matter) Saute your onions. Add a little salt and pepper and continue to sweat them until they become nice and caramelized.

  • Once at this stage go ahead and add your Worcestershire, Soy and Thyme. Couple of teaspoons each. cover and let them become soft and sweet. (at this stage i added a little water to get them to steam when i covered them, you could also use a little white wine)
  • Once brown and soft, add your meat back into the pan. I added some more Worcestershire, soy, and thyme just so the flavors mix. set mixture aside and let cool
  • While your mixture is cooling roll out your pastry dough and cut it into half.
  • Once filling is cooled place it on a pastry square and top with cheese. If you want it more cheesy (like gooey cheesy) add the whole slice of cheese, for this one i only put half a slice.
  • Make a simple egg wash (1 egg + water) and brush it on top of you pasty. this will make them golden brown and beautiful.
  • let bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes, or until your crust is nice and brown.Once done, Let them sit for at least 10 minutes (i know its hard!) before you consume.
  • After 10 minutes grab a napkin and enjoy! 🙂