The Dark Knight rises – but what about the Man of Steel?

Alma Garcia, Staff Writter

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Detective Comics – commonly referred to as DC comics have always been compared to MARVEL both franchises have set up the foundation for comic books as well as the super hero genre. They are considered two of the greatest comic franchises in the world. Due to this, there has always been a sort of rivalry between the two. Lately there has been an increase of super hero movies that have been produced cinematically. The popularity seems to keep growing.

For a while Marvel has dominated the big screen by putting out movies such as Iron Man, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy as well as other great movies. These movies have been critically acclaimed and in many cases broken box office records. Although DC is not too far behind, they have released great films such as the Dark Knight franchise. Although both companies have had great success with their films – Marvel is always considered to be the better out of the two, however things may change.

DC has recently released one of their biggest films yet – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. What better way to catch up to their competitors than by releasing a moving featuring their two biggest super heroes? Though the film has gotten some bad reviews by reviewers such as rotten tomatoes don’t let that scare you away. The film is great – there is lots of action and a lot of comic book Easter eggs, however if you’re not a comic book enthusiast the movie is easy to follow and gets the point across. The added comic book details are just the cherry on top.

The film shows you how different both heroes are, even though they’re both some of the greatest heroes they have vastly different rules on how they approach crime and have very different values. These values are what ignite their rivalry. They both want to protect the ear from evil and don’t approve of each other’s methods.

Although the movie was titled after the two main heroes it doesn’t just feature them. The film also features one of the most iconic villains in comic books – Lex Luther. Doomsday also makes an appearance in the film. The movie was very action packed, the effects were amazing, and so was the acting. The story was set up carefully however at times it did feel a bit rushed. One of the things that the film lacked was enough Batman v Superman screen time, the film’s tittle gave out the impression that the film would be mainly about Batman V Superman, but that wasn’t the case for long.  This is one of the reasons professional reviewers such Rotten Tomatoes rated the film so low.

However DC had a lot of different things they needed to film into the two hour film. Not only did the film feature the main heroes and villains, it also set the foundation down for future DC films that will be screening in the upcoming years. Such as Wonder Woman, who surprisingly enough teamed up with the heroes to defeat the villains. The film also featured cameos for the Flash, Aquaman as well as Cyborg.

DC had to fit all of these different characters into the film to set up one of their upcoming films which feature the Justice League. Who knows, perhaps they will be able to overpower MARVEL with that film – it definitely has potential to outdo The Avengers.

Over all Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice receives a 7/10 it’s great qualities outweigh their bad. It’s definitely a movie worth watching on the big screen.


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