The Dark Knight rises – but what about the Man of Steel?

Alma Garcia, Staff Writter

May 19, 2016

Detective Comics – commonly referred to as DC comics have always been compared to MARVEL both franchises have set up the foundation for comic books as well as the super hero genre. They are considered two of the greatest comic...

‘The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2’ fell short, from an epic ending.

Alma Garcia, Staff Writter

December 16, 2015

Why is it that we as a society get so attached to series? Whether it's a T.V. series or a book series, we get hooked and develop an almost love-hate relationship with them. We want to know what happens next, and how the series...

The Last Witch Hunter Fell Short.

Alma Garcia, Staff Writter

November 3, 2015

Witches, Nordic warriors, and bugs. Lots of bugs. That’s what “The Last Witch Hunter” consisted of. We get to witness the journey of Koulder, an immortal witch hunter (Played by Vin Diesel) as he protects the human race...

Fall T.V. Preview.

September 22, 2015

With the epic end of Game of Thrones, and you finishing season three of Orange is the New Black in two days, (Because let’s be honest most of us probably binged watch the season as soon as it was released on Netflix.) you’re probably asking yourself “What am I going to watch now?” Well, ...