K Sandwiches to reopen January 2018

Anna Fiorino, Staff Writer

Linda Vista’s beloved K Sandwiches is scheduled to reopen on Jan.5 with a revamped interior and expanded menu.

K Sanwiches opened at 7604 Linda Vista Rd in 2006, quickly becoming popular for their traditional Vietnamese Bahn mi sandwiches, baguettes, and croissants. The shop was destroyed in a fire in 2015, causing $1.5 million dollars in damages. K Sandwiches has been closed and under construction since. (https://www.mesapress.com/opinion/2015/09/17/ode-to-k-sandwiches/).

K Sandwiches is a family legacy. According to Fox 5 San Diego, Han Tran built the business from the ground up. The eatery is now run by his children, Man, Jennifer, and Natalie Tran.

The Tran family is looking forward to rehiring their original employees and welcoming back their customers this January.

SanDiegoVille.com says “K Sandwiches rebuild is near completion, including upgrades like a modern design with expanded seating, a refreshed outdoor patio, and an enlarged kitchen and bakery. In addition to pastries and sandwiches, the fast-casual eatery also intends to expand its menu to add other traditional Vietnamese dishes and beverages like Vietnamese coffee and boba teas.

So mark your calendars, and stay tuned for more K Sandwiches updates!